Workin’ Overtime (1989): EXTENDED POST!

As Diana Ross enjoys yet another major hit on the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart with the new remix of “I’m Coming Out/Upside Down 2018” (which sits at #3 this week), we look back at an album that gave the singer a pair of charting dance hits, 1989’s Workin’ Overtime.  Check out the all-new, expanded discussion of the Nile Rodgers-produced album here!

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Diana Returns to Top 20


Congratulations to Ms. Diana Ross on scoring another Top 20 hit on the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart!  “I’m Coming Out/Upside Down 2018” moves to #18 in its third week on the chart for the week ending June 30th!


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Red Hot Rhythm & Blues (1987): EXTENDED POST!

Diana Ross brought another chapter in her storied career to a close with 1987’s Red Hot Rhythm & Blues, her final LP under contract to RCA Records.  Read all about the making of the album and my thoughts on every one of its tracks in an all-new discussion here!

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“Down”…Moves Up!

From THE DIANA ROSS PROJECT on Instagram: “I’m Coming Out/Upside Down 2018” moves up to #31 in its second week on the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart. Congratulations, Ms. Ross!!

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Diana’s Back on the Charts…Again!

Perfectly timed for Pride month, a pair of Diana Ross classics is back on the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart.  For the week of June 16, 2018, “I’m Coming Out/Upside Down 2018” debuts at #42.  Here’s hoping it follows the recent “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” to #1!!

Congrats, Miss Ross!

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Eaten Alive (1985): EXTENDED POST!

Love it or hate it, Eaten Alive remains an essential part of the Diana Ross discography; while the album marked a turning point for Miss Ross and her reception at pop radio in the United States, it gave her a runaway smash around the world thanks to the sterling single “Chain Reaction.”  Read all about the album in my new track-by-track discussion by clicking HERE!

Billboard: September 28, 1985

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My (Fake) “Mother Dear” Picture Sleeve

I made up this “Mother Dear” picture sleeve for Instagram — just as a little fun “could have been” for Supremes fans.

“Mother Dear” is one of the great Supremes non-singles, an absolutely sparkling record that could have easily added to the group’s string of successful singles.  It was, in fact, considered for release; The Supremes performed “Mother Dear” on television a few times, proving how seriously Motown execs were looking at the song, and it was even assigned the same catalog number as “Nothing But Heartaches” (Motown 1080), but eventually cancelled in favor of that song.  Whatever the reason “Mother Dear” was held back, it’s a fantastic recording, and one ripe for discovery by those only aware of the group’s big hits.

So would “Mother Dear” have given the group a sixth consecutive #1 hit?  Let me know what you think…

Here's my version of a single cover for "Mother Dear" — which was scheduled to be the follow-up single to "Back In My Arms Again," but was canceled at the last minute in favor of "Nothing But Heartaches." Although "Mother Dear" was issued a catalog number, it didn't get a picture sleeve since it was never released…so here's my interpretation of what it might have looked like. So would "Mother Dear" have given the Supremes a sixth consecutive Number One single? What do you think?? #dianaross #Motown #MissRoss #MsRoss #Supremes #TheSupremes #music #soul #classic #icon #legend #diva #marywilson #florenceballard #berrygordy #hollanddozierholland #motherdear #fake #picturesleeve #hitsville #hitsvilleusa #dianarossproject #linkinbio

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Swept Away (1984): EXTENDED POST!

Although her much-publicized Central Park concerts and appearance on the famed television special Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever failed to give her previous album a boost, Diana Ross returned to the music scene in a big way with 1984’s Swept Away, her first solo album ever to feature three Top 20 pop hits.  Read all about the making of the album and my all-new discussion of every single track by clicking HERE!

Billboard: December 1, 1984

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Diana Ross Project on Instagram!

FYI — The Diana Ross Project is on Instagram!  I’ve been posting lots of vintage Diana Ross advertising images, articles, and little videos for some of my favorite songs.  Since Diana herself is on Instagram, it seemed like the Project should be, too!  Hope you all enjoy.

MISSING YOU (1984): A Number One R&B hit and perhaps Diana's greatest vocal performance on a ballad ever, "Missing You" was written by Lionel Richie and dedicated to the recently passed Marvin Gaye. The single got off to a very slow start when released in December of 1984, but continued to build momentum until it finally peaked within the pop top 10 and topped the R&B charts, giving Diana the biggest R&B hit of her career. A masterpiece, it's mystifying that Miss Ross didn't win a Grammy award for this performance, let alone even score a single nomination. #DianaRoss #Motown #RCA #MissRoss #MsRoss #Supremes #TheSupremes #music #soul #classic #icon #legend #diva #missingyou #sweptaway #lionelrichie #marvingaye #smokeyrobinson #dianarossproject #linkinbio

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Ross (1983): EXTENDED POST!

1983 would bring Diana Ross some of the biggest publicity of her career, although little of it would have to do with her new album that year.  From her pair of historic Central Park concerts to her appearance on the television event of the year, Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever, Miss Ross made entertainment headlines but was strangely ignored by radio when it came to singles from her third album for RCA Records, Ross.  Fans remain divided on the album, but it’s a fascinating entry into her discography, with some stunning moments of crisp production and strong vocals. Read a newly-researched and expanded breakdown for the album by clicking HERE!

Jet: August 22, 1983

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