Silk Electric (1982): EXTENDED POST!

The “RCA era” continues with one of the most discussed and debated Diana Ross albums ever — 1982’s Silk Electric.  Led off by a single written and produced by Michael Jackson, the strange collection of songs here is truly a journey into the mind of an artist enjoying a no-holds-barred creativity.  Read all about the album in an all-new extended discussion by clicking here!

Billboard: November 13, 1982

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Why Do Fools Fall In Love (1981): EXTENDED POST!

Really excited about delving back into the RCA-era of the Diana Ross discography, and very proud of this all-new discussion of 1981’s Why Do Fools Fall In Love.  New research has shed some interesting light for me on the conception and recording of Diana’s first self-produced LP, and there’s even some fascinating never-before-revealed insights from songwriter Laura Taylor, whose “Think I’m In Love” was slated for a time to be the album’s first single!  So what are you waiting for?  Click HERE to read the all-new, extended discussion of Why Do Fools Fall In Love — it’s never too late!

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“Nothin’ Stays The Same”: The Story of TO LOVE AGAIN (1981)

It marked the end of an era in more ways than one — 1981’s To Love Again set Diana Ross free from her record label of twenty years, and would be her final recorded work with producer Michael Masser.  Read more about the album and an analysis of every single track HERE.

Billboard: October 18, 1980

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Double Diana! The Boss (1979) & diana (1980): EXTENDED POSTS

Happy birthday, Diana Ross!

In honor of the singer’s 74th birthday (on March 26th), THE DIANA ROSS PROJECT is offering up Double Diana with new, extended discussions on two of the singer’s most successful and best-loved projects, 1979’s The Boss and 1980’s diana.  Click the album titles to relive these classic albums from a golden period of music, during which Diana Ross “came out” and proved she really was “The Boss.”


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Celebrating 40 Years of “Ross”

This year marks the 40th anniversary of one of the most discussed and debated releases in the Diana Ross discography: 1978’s Ross.  At the heart of that debate is one single question:  “What is Ross?”  A studio album?  A compilation?  A calculated attempt at getting sales and hits…or simply a time-filler between Baby It’s Me and the release of The Wiz movie and soundtrack?

Check out an all-new, extended discussion of the album, filled with new research and chart statistics, by clicking HERE.  After four decades of being written off as an oddity — it’s time to give the album a fresh look, isn’t it?

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Baby It’s Me (1977): EXTENDED POST

Diana Ross experienced unprecedented commercial success in 1976, but the following year would bring her an artistic triumph.  Teamed with produced Richard Perry for the first and only time, Diana recorded arguably the most sophisticated and seamless album of her career, 1977’s Baby It’s Me.  Read the all-new discussion here, complete with original advertising images, newly-found chart statistics, and background information on the project’s recording and release.

Ebony: November 1977

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An Evening With Diana Ross (1977): EXTENDED POST

One of the great triumphs in the storied career of Diana Ross is captured forever on 1977’s double-LP An Evening With Diana Ross.  Read all about it here, complete with new pictures and research!   

Billboard: January 29, 1977

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Diana Ross (1976): EXTENDED POST

“Diana Ross is the greatest continuing force in the past decade of popular music,” wrote Dave Marsh in Rolling Stone, reviewing Diana’s 1976 self-titled album, adding, “Diana Ross is a popular music artist of the most regal kind.”  Indeed, Diana Ross further elevated Miss Ross into the pantheon of music royalty, producing four memorable singles including a pair of timeless #1 hits.  But how does the rest of the album hold up?  Find out in an extended discussion here!

Jet: March 18, 1976

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“Diamond Diana” Hits The Charts!

The new collection Diamond Diana: The Legacy Collection hits the charts in a big way this week, returning Diana Ross to the Top 30 of the Billboard 200 for the first time in more than 30 years!

Debuting for the week ending January 27, 2018 at #30, Diamond Diana is the singer’s first Top 30 entry on the Billboard 200 since Swept Away hit #26 in 1984.  The new collection just edges out I Love You, which topped out at #32 in 2007.  Interestingly, Diamond Diana is now the second highest-charting Diana Ross solo hits compilation on the Billboard 200, following only 1976’s Greatest Hits (which peaked at #13).  Meanwhile, on the magazine’s Top Album Sales chart (which counts only physical album sales, not streaming), Diamond Diana debuts at #5!

Over on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart, Diamond Diana bows at #18, her first Top 20 entry on the chart since I Love You peaked at #16 in February 2007.  Even better, the album sits at #6 on the Top R&B Albums chart.

Congratulations to Miss Diana Ross on the well-deserved success of Diamond Diana!

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Live At Caesars Palace (1974): EXTENDED POST

As Diana enjoys yet another #1 on the Billboard charts with the dance remix of “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” — the Diana Ross Project is going back to 1974, with the release of the singer’s first live solo album.  Motown declared June of 1974 “Diana Ross Month,” promoting the album as “one of the most exciting live recordings you’ve ever heard.”  Do you agree?  Here’s my take in a newly expanded discussion of Live At Caesars Palace!

Billboard: June 1, 1974

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