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My (Fake) “Mother Dear” Picture Sleeve

I made up this “Mother Dear” picture sleeve for Instagram — just as a little fun “could have been” for Supremes fans. “Mother Dear” is one of the great Supremes non-singles, an absolutely sparkling record that could have easily added to … Continue reading

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At Their Best (1978)

“If you give love a chance, I’ll do the best I can…” Although the 70s Supremes were never afforded a lavish, Farewell-style final recording marking the end of the group’s tenure on Motown Records, the trio did get a “greatest hits” … Continue reading

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Mary, Scherrie & Susaye (1976)

“Together we stand, hand in hand…” “‘You’re My Driving Wheel’ is the new single by the Supremes from their forthcoming album titled, ‘Mary, Scherrie & Susaye.’  The record on the Motown label sounds like a hit. This is probably the … Continue reading

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High Energy (1976)

“In just a few hours, you showed me new dimensions…” Although the 1975 album The Supremes was not a significant hit for Motown’s top female trio, the release proved there was still life in the group, particularly when it came to the … Continue reading

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The Supremes (1975)

“Things won’t get any better unless we keep on trying…” By mid-1975, fans must have been wondering if The Supremes were ever going to release new music again.  The group hadn’t had a single on the charts since “Bad Weather” … Continue reading

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In Japan! (1973)

“Why is it we can’t be the way we used to be?” Once upon a time, this was one of the rarest of all Supremes collectibles, an obscure live album released for a short time overseas and never issued in … Continue reading

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Floy Joy (1972)

“I thought it was gonna take a miracle to make things right…” “Thank God for Miracles,” Mary Wilson wrote in the liner notes to The 70s Anthology, and she meant that literally.  After two successive singles failed to make the pop … Continue reading

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Dynamite (1971)

“It takes more than just a song and a dance…” The Summer of 1971 was an exceptionally busy season for The Supremes, as not one but two albums (The Return Of The Magnificent Seven and Touch) hit store shelves in … Continue reading

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Touch (1971)

“I know the mountain’s high, but we can climb if we try…” An April 3, 1971 article in music industry magazine Billboard carried some exciting news for Supremes fans:  “The Supremes finished two shows March 17 at the Elmwood Casino and … Continue reading

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The Return Of The Magnificent Seven (1971)

“I gotta be insane to keep up with your personality change…” The Supremes began 1971 secure in their place as the world’s top female singing group; a year after the departure of lead singer Diana Ross, the new lineup had … Continue reading

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