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INTERVIEW: Louvain Demps on Good Day Atlanta

Sometimes the most magical moments in life happen by accident; Louvain Demps of The Andantes remembers that being the case while recording “Love Child” in September of 1968.  As she recalls, there came a moment when groupmates Marlene Barrow and … Continue reading

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Coming Monday: Interview with Louvain Demps

As many of you know, when I’m not blogging about Diana Ross and/or The Supremes, I’m a television journalist in Atlanta.  My job has given me the opportunity to interview some incredible people (including Mary Wilson last year), and I’m … Continue reading

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Additional Supremes Christmas Tracks (Released 2015)

“Let them go…let them go…let them try their wings…” 2015 brought a Christmas to remember for Supremes fans, as the fine folks at Motown Select released an expanded edition of the 1965 classic Merry Christmas.  This deluxe digital package included both … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas (1965)

“I’m the star upon your tree, that makes your Christmas bright…” August, 1965 must have been an incredibly exciting month for The Supremes.  It was another sizzling summer in New York, made even hotter thanks to the group’s nightly appearances at … Continue reading

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