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It’s My House: Diana Ross in West Palm Beach (6/24/17)

“I’m gonna sweat my eyelashes off!” “It’s My House,” purred Diana Ross to a roaring crowd in West Palm Beach Saturday night (June 24), and truer words have never been sung.  During a dazzling tour stop at the Kravis Center … Continue reading

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The Best Years: Reflections Of A Diana Ross Concert-Goer

August 30th, 1995.  It was a hot night in Indianapolis, a crowd of about 10,000 people packed into Deer Creek Music Center, an outdoor music venue.  I was 15-years-old, and missing high school cross country practice to be there; my … Continue reading

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The Best Thing: Gladys Knight In Atlanta (6/18/17)

There’s just something about that voice.  It’s nearly impossible to describe: Is it smoky? Is it smooth?  Is it rough like sandpaper or is it thick with emotion?  Gladys Knight is a once-in-a-lifetime vocalist, a woman who was clearly born … Continue reading

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Win, Win, Win: Diana Ross In Atlanta (5/22/15)

There’s just something that feels so right about Diana Ross performing in an outdoor setting. Maybe it’s because so many of her songs reference nature, from the sunny day of “Remember Me” to the raging storm of “Swept Away.” Maybe … Continue reading

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Live At Caesars Palace (1974)

“Can’t you see I want my life to be something more than long?” “Diana Ross has established herself as a superstar with her current outing at Caesars Palace,” raved Billboard in its February 24, 1973 issue, reviewing the singer’s engagement at the … Continue reading

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