Surrender (1971): EXTENDED POST

Diana teams up with Nickolas Ashford & Valerie Simpson for a second full-length album and the results are spectacular.  Surrender remains one of the very best studio albums ever released by Miss Ross, and arguably by Motown, too — find out why in my extended discussion here!


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One Response to Surrender (1971): EXTENDED POST

  1. david h says:

    loved this album. still surprised it wasn’t a hit when it was originally released. I think Motown was really confused and dropped the ball.
    funny I was never a fan of ALL THE BEFORES, now I love it and think its the highlight of the album.
    I suppose I was to young to understand the lyrics.
    I also think they should have added some of these songs to the TV special to help promote the album.
    this was another casualty of Diana’s career.
    thanks Paul

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