Diana Ross (1970): EXTENDED POST

Check out my extended discussion of Diana’s 1970 debut LP, Diana Ross, by clicking here. New research, new pictures, new thoughts on every track!


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Album-by-album, track-by-track, a look at the entire Diana Ross discography...
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3 Responses to Diana Ross (1970): EXTENDED POST

  1. david h says:

    one of my all time favorites of her solo career but I am surprised with an album this good that it didn’t sell more copies. according to RIAA it sold over 500,000 which of course is gold but to me this album is so good I would thought it sold far more copies. if I were on a island, this album would be one of 5 that I would have to have.
    sorry I don’t like the cover art.

  2. Paul Taylor says:

    Thanks,Paul for your updated review of “Diana Ross” 1970. I’ve really enjoyed reading it over again with all the new information,I just love this kind of detail and it’s renewed my enthusiasm for this album all over again.
    I couldn’t wait to get my copy when it was first released here in the UK, I played it so much that eventually I had to buy a new one! Of course I now have the extended CD version and I love the bonus tracks, the whole album is exhilarating – it exudes warmth and class.
    A note on the much discussed cover photo; personally I think it’s terrific – to see Diana stripped of all the usual glitz and glamor was such a bold thing to do, but just for a kick I like to place this sleeve next to the “Everything is Everything” sleeve and see the transformation – stunning!
    Keep up the good work, Paul.

  3. spookyelectric says:

    Hi Paul, it’s been an age since I last left any comment hope all good with you… pleased to see you’re keeping on your top work here! Enjoyed reading this extended review.

    Interesting to consider your footnote about this album (or any other Ross album) never being included in same breath as iconic works by Motown masters like Marvin and Stevie… I actually feel more for Ashford & Simpson on that score… never really given their due (in terms of critical acclaim) as artistes in their own right and often eclipsed by the stars they created soundscapes for but they were talents every bit worthy to be listed with the best of the best.

    One recent discovery I came across in terms of ‘covers’ of songs from Diana’s solo debut: ‘Now That There’s You’ was reworked in the early 80s by Motown disco/R&B trio Hi Inergy – best known for their hit ‘You Can’t Turn Me Off (In The Middle Of Turning Me On)’ – how’s that for a song title?. Pretty fine version I think – arranged by old Diana cohort Gil Askey no less, amazing background vocals, bit of a funkier feel than Ms Ross’ – see what you think!

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