RECORD STORE FIND: “Everything Is Everything” Unique Front/Back Cover

Happy Monday, all…

I’ve been busy working to expand my reviews of the Diana Ross solo discography, which I’ll begin posting within the next few weeks — in most cases, I’ve doubled the length of the posts, adding extra research information concerning each album and track.  I’m really excited to unveil the new album discussions, as having gone through the Supremes era has helped inform my understanding of Diana’s solo work.

Until then…wanted to share this record store find from earlier today.  I was at a shop just outside Atlanta and came across this interesting pressing of Everything Is Everything with a negative image and white background on the rear cover.  I’ve never seen one like this before — anyone know the story?  Every copy I’ve ever owned has a regular photo over a black background.  The lettering on the front cover is also made up of three colors, instead of just solid blue, and there are no song titles listed:

Let me know if you’ve seen this before — curious to know why it’s a little different!


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6 Responses to RECORD STORE FIND: “Everything Is Everything” Unique Front/Back Cover

  1. John says:

    Hi Paul…I have had this for many years. I am not at home to check my albums so I will comment from what I can recall. This cover with the different color lettering is how I first saw this album advertized. It was pictured on the cover of Billboard magazine in an ad at the bottom of the page. So i was surprised to see it in the stores with just one color for the album title.

    If you look at the pic you will notice it hasn’t yet been touched-up. There is a wisp of hair on her forehead, wrinkles on her abdomen and shading around her backside. The pic on the cover with the blue letters does not have these. I also have a third album, with a variation on the back cover, I think it has a blurry photo and text. I will post another comment when i get home tomorrow and check my albums.

  2. wids001 says:

    This was released in Denmark. The labels are black. There is a copy of this on Discogs

  3. barry murphy says:

    have this too but the original owner has written their name all over the back cover including Diana’s face.Have a Japanese issue which has the same front cover with the untouched photo and different coloured title. Also the dutch issue has the titles in a a panel on the front cover and different back cover.The german one has album ads on back,the Spanish issue has a white background to the photo on the back.

  4. John says:

    I am at home and can comment regarding my 3 albums.

    For the album pictured, in addition to the comments I made in my previous post, I notice that the shading on her face and on her outfit around her shoulders appear brighter, possibly a bit overexposed.

    Another album is the same front cover as you have pictured, with the 3 color album title and untouched photograph. The back cover is a definite overexposure of the B&W cover we have on the released album. All the whites are much brighter. Her face is bright white and you cannot even see her earring or see any other distinctions. All printed text is a brighter white than what appears on the released version.

    My original released version has the same blue color for the album title and has the song listings. However, if you look at the back cover you can see that the album title is 3 different shades – light gray, darker gray and white. Interesting! I forgot about that distinction.

    I mentioned seeing an ad in Billboard for this album before it was released. I cannot recall if the album was in stores soon after the ad appeared or if there was a slight delay before I found it in stores. For me back then any delay, even for one day, would have seemed like an eternity. Once I found it in stores, I immediately noticed that the album title was one color and different from the ad I saw. In subsequent years we learned that this album was delayed for one reason or another. Maybe this pic was an early mock-up for the cover while the album was still in production. Wonder how the untouched photos ever made it to the printer.

    It is one of my favorite albums.

  5. David says:

    Was this the copy of “Everything Is Everything” that was at Silver Platters, Sodo,in Seattle?

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