In The Name Of Love…

Just bought my tickets to see Diana Ross in West Palm Beach next month.

This will be my 7th Diana Ross concert.

I’m as giddy as I was 22 years ago, the first time.

Last Time I Saw Her: May 22, 2015. Yes, I’ll be wearing the shirt this time.


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16 Responses to In The Name Of Love…

  1. michael says:

    I just saw her here in NY. She was amazing, looked stunning, and sounded awesome. “You’re gonna love it”

  2. pnyc1969 says:

    Hi, Paul–I didn’t mention that I saw her first New York concert of 2017 at City Center on Monday, April 24. An excellent show–my 15th or 16th–I have to count! Better than last year’s Staten Island show. I’ll look up the Palm Beach show. I live in Fort Lauderdale in the summer so I’ll check out the dates. I think I’m going to miss the Miami date although I coincidentally drove past the marquis when I dropped a friend off at the Miami cruise port last month. I have not had luck seeing Diana on her Florida dates. I’ve been seeing her in New York and New Jersey for years, though.

    • michael says:

      I went to the Tuesday night one.

    • Wow, to have the opportunity to catch Miss Ross annually! Amazing!

    • Paul says:

      Wow — I heard her NYC shows were amazing this year. I’m so excited to see her again! I’ve seen her in Florida three previous times — I caught RETURN TO LOVE when it was in Hollywood, FL, and saw the I LOVE YOU tour in both Orlando and Melbourne, FL. I’m sure seeing her in New York is especially exciting — she seems to love the energy there, and I’m sure a lot of her friends and fellow celebrities show up!

      • pnyc1969 says:

        Yes, it’s true that she really feels something special in New York City. I used to love her Radio City shows. That was her venue until 2010. Now she does smaller rooms. But the shows I’ve seen outside the city always have an ease that I like. I loved a show I saw in Englewood, NJ in 2011 (on YT with an amazing Boss and Don’t Explain.) and truly one of the best shows I’ve ever seen was at Westbury Music Fair in 1997. It was rocking and funky. It felt like it was the 1970s. The only shows that haven’t been the best for me were last year’s Staten Island show and 2015’s inauguration of King’s Theater in Brooklyn.

      • michael says:

        I saw her at Westbury so many times over the years. Loved all the shows she did there.
        I did pass on the Staten Island show, but was at the
        King’s Theatre show Iin Brooklyn.
        What did you not like about that show.
        I was in the 3rd row, and thought she was awesome.

  3. I just wish she would make it back Down Under even one last time! I’ve seen her three times, 1989 ‘Workin’ Overtime’ (one of my first concerts ever, Whitney was my first in ’88) where she famously came onstage tore her tights, performed a truncated version of the show and walked off stage without an encore…I stayed thinking she would come back on but my mum told me she could tell she was annoyed and wasn’t coming back (awww…little me ;)) 1993 ‘Forever Diana!’ She was awesome!! & 2006 ‘I Love You Tour’ also a fantastic performance, where I rushed the stage held her hand, thanked her profusely and then hung on awkwardly a little too long (oh lord, big me?!). I liked the last one especially because previously she was still playing arenas here in Oz and the last was a more classic theatre so lent itself to a feeling of intimacy (and weird superstar hand holding?!).
    As an aside Paul, have you had a chance to hear ‘The Supremes A’ Go-Go’ Expanded Edition yet? Wondering your thoughts?

    • Paul says:

      Wow…to have been in attendance for that Workin’ Overtime show!!! What a great memory of seeing the diva in action!! Yes, I’ve been listening to A’ GO-GO quite a bit. I really adore the Supremes/Four Tops duet and the alternate version of “Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart” — fascinating to hear the song being worked out by the writers and musicians. I hope to write something about it soon — unless I’m sidetracked by 70s Supremes LOL!!

  4. Marcus says:

    Im very happy for you, Paul (and a little jealous). I’ve seen Miss Ross only two times, but I never thought I would ever see her once. So that is a lot for me. The first was her Take Me Higher promo tour-I don’t remember the name of the concert. And the second was the Return To Love Supremes tour. It got nasty publicity, but it was a Great Show!!!! Enjoy and tell us about it all! I love the shirt, too. Cheers- Marcus

    • Paul says:

      Marcus — your first two times were my first two! I saw her for the first time just before TAKE ME HIGHER was released — it was incredible. She did almost the entire album — including “Take Me Higher,” “Voice of the Heart,” “Don’t Stop,” and “I Thought That We Were Still In Love.” She also sang a lot of hits she doesn’t often do anymore, like “Muscles” and “Missing You.” I also loved the RETURN TO LOVE tour — saw that one in South Florida. It was a great show — all three ladies were in fine voice and the audience loved it — and it was amazing to hear songs like “Forever Came Today” and “Reach Out I’ll Be There.”

      • Marcus says:

        Hey Paul, how cool. I saw the Take Me Higher concert at the Wolf Trap just outside Washington D.C. (I think, maybe inside DC) It was an outside concert and it was hot onstage and off. She did a shortened set, but still changed costumes and sang new tunes off the album. But she didn’t do a lot of “standard” Diana Ross numbers. Like Reach Out and Touch…she omitted that one, but she talked about her daughters and their friends in the audience and how she was taking the all out to dinner afterwards. I SO wanted to go with! I saw the Return To Love tour in Atlanta, GA. I took three friends and two of them had been hearing rumors about how mean she was and weren’t really fans. They were fans after that concert. They couldn’t believe Miss Ross would talk to us and joke and was a “real” person. But I agree it was a nice surprise to hear Forever Came Today and solo Ross’ Reach Out I’ll Be There. The other ladies got their own set, too. That was amazing as well. A real Supremes tribute. Thanks again, Paul. And everyone.

  5. michael says:

    Paul, she was amazing at the Tuesday night show in NY.
    Clive Davis was in the audience as well as Rhonda.
    TMH is my all time favorite tour , saw her at Radio City for that one. Workin’ OT was also a good one.
    The RTL tour was awesome too. I saw that at MSG. I had tickets for the RTL tour at Jones Beach, right after Madison Square Garden. Sadly, it was cancelled. I did not find out until right before the show, driving to the beach. I h found out about it on the radio.
    I am loving A Go Go ( expanded), as well.

  6. Antje says:

    I was lucky to be able to include going to her concerts into my holiday trip to NY. I was there on Monday and Tuesday. Since it was an intimate venue, the whole atmosphere was even more energetic. Though she did her usual set list, the obvious joy she put into the songs and her devotion to the audience felt mesmerizing. Rightfully a concert review was titled she had “a love-in” (what she later re-twittered). And she was in excellent voice and moving all around on the stage with – yes – happiness.
    I do regret that I missed her concerts in the 90s and 00s – I had dropped out of fanship. What a shame, since she performed in Hamburg then, which is just around the corner of my hometown. Now I have to go to the US to see her…
    I found a photo on the internet showing her to be presented with the expanded edition of “a go go” after Monday’s performance. My favorite track of the additional material is “He’s all I got” on Disc 2.
    And what a nice idea of yours, Paul, to compile a “The Supremes sing Smokey” album – I’ll make myself a CD (and include “Misery”)!
    I wish you to have a very good time at her concert in West Palm Beach!!!

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