A big happy birthday to Miss Diana Ross, born on this day in 1944.

This month also marks 40 years since the airing of Diana’s groundbreaking television special, “An Evening With Diana Ross.”  The program marked the first time a female entertainer starred in a 90-minute solo network special.  Built around her record-breaking (and Tony-winning) Broadway engagement and subsequent double album, the special served as a kind of retrospective of the singer’s career at that point.

Thanks for the memories, Miss Ross…and have a wonderful birthday!


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Album-by-album, track-by-track, a look at the entire Diana Ross discography...
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  1. A very special birthday wish to the sensational Miss Ross. Hoping to hear new music from her in the near future.

  2. Marcus says:

    Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to my fearless performer, actress, songstress, mother, and business woman. You’ve done it all and when I’m down I think or read all your accomplishments and realize it cant be all easy. Though you make it look just that- effortless. Love you since I was ten yeas old and love you still 37 years later. Have the best year yet!!! My inspiration! with love and gratitude, humbly, C. Marcus Patella

  3. david h says:

    i saw this when it aired but I cant get into the broadway songs, I prefer her special that would come in 1979 and I have the soundtrack to that, which rocks.
    I do think DR is in fine vocals form in the 70s I do like how she portrayed the leading ladies. a highlight of the entire show.
    funny the songs in the special are not in order as the lp

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