Diana’s “Come Together” Hits Jet Chart (12/17/70)

I was doing some research recently and came across an interesting find in the December 17, 1970 issue of Jet (46 years ago this weekend!).  Although it was never released as a single, Diana’s recording of “Come Together” was ranked at #19 on the magazine’s Soul Brothers Top 20 chart that week.

“Come Together” was included on the 1970 LP Everything Is Everything, the second solo album from Miss Ross and one that’s often overlooked due to its relative lack of commercial success.  That said, it contains some great performances, including the UK #1 hit “I’m Still Waiting” and Diana’s version of Aretha Franklin’s “I Love You (Call Me),” which gained Miss Ross her second solo Grammy nomination.

“Come Together” is another exciting recording from Diana’s early solo career; the singer is breathy and soulful and sings over a rumbling track that sounds tailor-made for The Jackson 5.  It’s nice to see it at least gained a little airplay, even if Motown never really pushed it.  Notice, by the way, how Motown-heavy this chart is; several of the label’s top acts show up here, including The Spinners, The Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, and The Four Tops.  And, of course, sitting at #4 with “Stoned Love,” is Diana’s former group, The Supremes.



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6 Responses to Diana’s “Come Together” Hits Jet Chart (12/17/70)

  1. Bill Staiger says:

    Another great review as always. It was especially interesting to note that both the Supremes #4 was also in the top 20 as was Diana’s #19.

  2. Bill Staiger says:

    I also just noticed something interesting about this song. It was recorded by Diana solo as well as by the Supremes as a group. Check out the following history of this song.

    Come Together (John Lennon-Paul McCartney) published Maclen
    Diana Ross; recorded MoWest ; produced by Deke Richards
    Sep-70; LP (S): Motown MS724 Everything Is Everything
    16-May-08; CD (S): Hip-O Select B0008093-02 Everything Is Everything Expanded Edition
    16-May-08; CD (S): Hip-O Select B0008093-02 Everything Is Everything Expanded Edition [1982 Revelations remix]
    Gladys Knight & The Pips; recorded Hitsville-GW / L.A., completed 12-May-70 ; produced by Johnny Bristol
    [unreleased]; LP (S): Soul SS712 no title allocated
    Mar-75; LP (S): Soul S-744S1 A Little Knight Music
    06-Nov-06; CD (S): Motown 984 1941 Knight Time / A Little Knight Music [UK]
    The Supremes; recorded Hitsville-GW, completed 15-May-70 ; produced by Frank Wilson
    15-Sep-70; LP (S): Motown MS720 New Ways But Love Stays
    01-Dec-06; CD (S): Hip-O Select B0005938-02 This Is The Story
    07-May-07; CD (S): Reader’s Digest RDCD 5601-3 The Ultimate Motown Collection – Motown Makeover

  3. peter says:

    WOW – that Turkey 7″ of Come Together is amazing! Cannot afford to collect all her 7″s! I have all the 12″s!

  4. David h says:

    I always thought IU t was strange that the LP EIE was released so quickly and with no singles to support it.
    It gave the impression that BG didn’t know what to do or was unsure of himself.
    But I agree there are plenty of good vocals on this LP and the expanded release has a few gems. To me this LP should have been held back while her first solo effort was given some breathing room.
    Thus song gas never been a fav of mine because I thought the lyrics were strange even though it had a cool feel to it. But I have to admit Diane’s version us my favorite

  5. Marcus says:

    I have always loved the lp EIE from the songs to the cover art, to the few singles that were released. Also it was released the month and year of my birth and while Aint No Mountain High Enough was number one(if I have my facts right).I’ve often wondered if my mom was listening to the radio and heard this song before labor. Oh, well.. Great web site and review as always.

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