On This Day: Jet Announces Diana’s Supreme Departure (11/6/69)

It was 47 years ago today that Jet magazine announced what many had been expecting for a long, long time: Diana Ross was leaving The Supremes.

Diana Ross Supremes Jet Magazine 2Diana Ross Supremes Jet MagazineThe article ran in the November 6, 1969 issue on pages 74 and 75, and cites a “highly placed Motown Records Corp. source” with the information that Ross would be exiting the group after its Las Vegas engagement in January, and would be replaced by singer Jean Terrell.

As reported, Diana and The Supremes eventually performed their final show together on January 14 at the Frontier Hotel in Las Vegas, at which point Terrell officially became the group’s new lead singer.  And as promised, Diana’s solo career did indeed run the gamut “from Hollywood to Broadway.”  As to whether Miss Ross actually helped Miss Terrell “learn the style of The Supremes before the new act is unveiled to the public”…well…let’s just say that one’s highly debatable.


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3 Responses to On This Day: Jet Announces Diana’s Supreme Departure (11/6/69)

  1. Rob Gallagher says:

    “I have talked this thing over with Mary and Cindy…” If you say so Diane.

  2. Alexis Bryce says:

    Whatever Diana said in that interview was fed to her by Berry Gordy. The truth would have sounded more like this: “Berry has decided that I need to go solo so he can create an even bigger star with me. The Supremes are holding me back. Sorry, girls.” Fortunately, Berry was 100% correct!

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