It’s Here! Merry Christmas: Expanded Edition

The Supremes Merry Christmas Expanded Edition

Merry Christmas to us!  Just days after the release of the long-awaited Diana Ross Sings Songs From The Wizfans are being treated to another holiday gift.

Merry Christmas: Expanded Edition by The Supremes is now available as a digital download, and it’s packed with every single one of the group’s holiday recordings.  This means it’s got the 1965 LP’s original 12 tracks, plus several others that have surfaced over the years (including two leads from Florence Ballard, on “Silent Night” and “O Holy Night”).  Expanded Edition also includes both the stereo AND original mono versions of the LP — great news, considering many fans have always preferred the mono mixes of the songs (the mono “White Christmas” is stunning).  There’s also a full-color digital booklet, with a few new tidbits (hint: there’s something VERY surprising about the background vocals on “Children’s Christmas Song”).

Check it out and let me know what you think — and read along with my review of the original 1965 LP here (which has garnered the only 5/5 rating thus far in my Supremes reviews!).


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4 Responses to It’s Here! Merry Christmas: Expanded Edition

  1. …and my suspicions on who the “children” were on “Children’s Christmas Song” is finally answered! Wow, it’s beginning to look like a Supreme kind of Christmas! Thank you for the update Paul, I rushed right over to iTunes to download my copy! 🙂

  2. david h says:

    I loved this album and the newer mix’s are really nice. this is one of my favorite Christmas along with Johnny Mathis.going back to have a listen. the newer mix’s seem to clear and crisp

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