Record Store Wednesdays: “Theme From ‘Mahogany'” Promo Single

Diana Ross Mahogany Rare Promo

Check out this gem I picked up from Fantasyland Records in Atlanta.  This is a promotional single for the 1975 Diana Ross release “Theme From Mahogany (Do You Know Where You’re Going To)” on yellow (or gold) vinyl; one side features the stereo mix of the song, the other side is mono.  The single released to the public, which wasn’t on colored vinyl, was backed with the song “No One’s Gonna Be A Fool Forever,” which had been included on the Last Time I Saw Him album.

Diana Ross Mahogany Promo Single2

“Theme From Mahogany” — of course — went on to become one of Diana’s biggest hits.  It climbed to #1 on the Pop chart (her third solo chart-topper), #1 Easy Listening, and went Top 20 on the Soul chart; it was also nominated for an Academy Award.  It eventually became the first track on the smash 1976 LP Diana Ross.

Oh — and speaking of Mahogany — have you seen the “Couture Edition” released on DVD in May (celebrating the film’s 40th anniversary)?  It comes with some pretty spectacular full-color cards of Miss Ross and her costume sketches.

MahoganyDVD1 MahoganyDVD2 MahoganyDVD3



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5 Responses to Record Store Wednesdays: “Theme From ‘Mahogany'” Promo Single

  1. James Grattan says:

    Well of course Mahogany stands alone, doesn’t it. Magnificent in sooooooooo many ways. I would have loved for Miss Ross to add some commentary with the new DVD. But perhaps she feels its all been said. The recording of the theme song is a classic by anyone’s standards…definitely a part of the architecture of popular American music. Her reunion with Billy Dee on Oprah was priceless.

    • Paul says:

      James — I KNOW — I would love a commentary, too!! I’m sure Diana doesn’t want to dredge up some of the drama around this film, but I’d love her thoughts on how the costumes turned out and working with Anthony Perkins!!

  2. I. Want. This. So. Much. Right. Now. 😳

  3. So I must admit that I rushed over to to have a look, and while I love the cover and especially the cards the DVD is the original without any added extras. I just couldn’t justify purchasing another copy purely for that. It’s a shame there couldn’t have been a featurette or two to celebrate this camp classic that has only grown in stature over the past 40 years! The Valley of the Dolls release had a number of extras that were produced without participation of cast or crew as do a number of the Turner classic releases so it is possible. A bit of a shame, but fab packaging all the same.

    • Paul says:

      I completely agree — the postcards are wonderful, and I’ll admit I bought this released solely for them — but lack of any new “extras” is VERY disappointing. It seems like it would be easy to put together a featurette or two on the costumes or the locations — something. I love the commentary track by Charles Busch and John “Lypsinka” Epperson on the DVD release of “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?” and I think the duo could have done something remarkable with this movie!! Surely there are some camp film and/or Diana Ross fans that would have been willing to put together something for this DVD.

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