Reflections Of… (The End Of An Era)

Supremes Brewster Projects

Did you all see this?

The last remaining towers of Diana’s childhood home — the Brewster projects — are getting the wrecking ball.  The Windsor Star mentions Diana and the Supremes in its article, stating:  “Opened in 1938, the Brewster projects were the first federally-funded African American public housing development in the U.S. Famous former residents include Diana Ross, Mary Wilson and Florence Ballard of the Supremes, actress Lily Tomlin and boxer Joe Louis.”

The pictures of the projects now show them in a state of total dilapidation, a far cry from the place Miss Ross wrote about in her book Secrets Of A Sparrow:  “In the Brewster projects, on those hot and sultry Detroit nights, everybody gathered at the corner or sat on the three little steps in the doorways of their apartments.”  It was there, of course, that she met Mary and Florence; the rest is music history.

It sounds like it’s time for something new to take the place of the Brewster-Douglass towers; the Windsor Star calls them “some of Detroit’s most visible and notorious blight.”  But boy, what a history.  Had there been no Brewster projects, Diana Ross would probably never have met Mary and Flo (who went to a different school).  Who knows if she would have ended up at Motown without them?

Really, without that Detroit housing project, all of our lives would have been very different.  So, for that (to steal a line from Miss Diana Ross herself…), “Thank you…for the best years of my life.”


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4 Responses to Reflections Of… (The End Of An Era)

  1. Greg says:

    I am so happy Diana and Mary and Florence met. Thanks be to those Detroit housing projects. I dream of Diana,Mary and Cindy doing a Supremes reunion….I for one would throw handfuls of money to them to reunite and do a tour.
    I can dream…can’t I?

  2. Damecia says:

    Very nice review Paul

  3. Nice transition into the Supremes-era segment of the site!

  4. James T. Grattan says:

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