Hot & Sassy: Diana Ross In Atlanta (9/7/2013)

IMAG0773[1]In recent years, Diana Ross has clearly favored brisk, energetic live shows loaded with hits but light on interaction.  The woman who once breezed through two-hour-plus extravaganzas now typically takes the stage for about an hour and a half, not that this is surprising.  She is, after all, a much-matured grandmother and a true entertainment legend; the singer probably doesn’t feel like she has much to prove and, quite honestly, doesn’t.  Her current song-after-song-after-song style has replaced the slick productions where the “classic” Diana offered up humorous, off-the-cuff moments and heartfelt monologues.  That said, even in a breathless 90 minutes, today’s Diana Ross still sparkles with verve, personality, and complete authenticity.

The singer’s latest stop at Atlanta’s Chastain Park Amphitheatre (part of the venue’s 2013 Live Nation Concert Series) easily featured some of the diva’s best vocals in years — not to mention a few funny and unexpected moments reminiscent of those earlier concerts.  The show, which began promptly at 8:00pm, didn’t offer any major setlist surprises; hearing her sing “Take Me Higher” and “The Look Of Love” were perhaps the only “rarities” of the night.  But Miss Ross did inject her familiar standards with a surprising vitality; her full versions of Supremes hits “Stop! In The Name Of Love” and “My World Is Empty Without You” were as fresh and youthful as when they were recorded nearly five decades ago.


Early in the show, during her run of Supremes hits, Miss Ross broke to address the heat.  “We’re getting hot and sassy up here,” she exclaimed, fanning herself with her hands and, later, with an actual fan brought out from backstage.  The singer also stopped to address the multitude of cell phones in the crowd; to one patron up front, she jokingly asked, “Are you texting?” before posing for the person’s camera.  These early, playful moments suggest she was truly enjoying the show; this was also indicated by the fact that she relied far less on posing and aiming the microphone at the audience and more on actually singing.  Her “Touch Me In The Morning” was smooth and sultry, performed to the light jazz arrangement she used at the VH1 Divas 2000: A Tribute To Diana Ross special, and “Love Child” was an energetic showcase for not only the singer, but also the stellar horn section and talented trio of backing singers.

During what could be called the show’s “second act,” the singer quickly ran through some of her biggest dance hits, bouncing from “The Boss” to “Upside Down” to her 1995 #1 dance single, “Take Me Higher.”  Sounding strong on each, the singer shimmied in her sparkling blue dress and ordered the crowd to stand up and dance.  The next “act,” however, would prove to be the standout section of the night.  Returning to the stage with a sexy and slow version of “The Look Of Love,” Diana then dug into “Don’t Explain,” a song from her 1972 film and soundtrack album Lady Sings The Blues.  The song has been a standout in her stage show for years, and this was no exception; her controlled, expertly pitched vocal performance here was almost the best of the night.  Using her voice truly as an instrument, Miss Ross telegraphed a mournful resignation to the audience purely through her tone, suggesting an entire story behind the poignant lyrics.  The crowd responded with complete silence, and erupted into thunderous applause when she finished the final note.


Diana’s rendition of Theme From Mahogany (during her “fourth act”) was also a standout, the sweetness and warmth in her voice almost breathtaking coming after more than an hour of singing.  The song, of course, led into her anthem and first solo #1 hit, 1970’s “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” during which the singer reached for some particularly full-bodied ad-libs reminiscent of her original reading of the song.  The other song she’s adopted as an anthem, “I Will Survive,” followed, bringing the crowd to its feet and again featuring some impressive belting and exciting ad-libs.  After leaving the stage once, the singer returned with an encore of the song, allowing each of her background singers a chance to take center stage for a few lines.

And then…the real highlight of the night occurred.  The stage darkened, and the crowd continued cheering.  The singers and band exited…and the crowd continued cheering.  Finally, after a long and confusing interlude, the house lights came up.  Convinced the show was over, many in the audience began filing out.  And then, in her black leotard and sweatshirt, Miss Ross reappeared.  The audience literally went wild, and the singer exclaimed, “This is called keepin’ it real!” and then “I can’t sing like this!” as an assistant ran back onstage with a far more glamorous orange wrap.  Diana then took time to really talk to the audience, speaking from the heart about her love of performing and looking into the faces of her fans.  And finally, she resurrected her debut solo single, belting out an astounding, redemptive version of “Reach Out And Touch (Somebody’s Hand).”  This was truly a spell-binding moment; without asking, the audience grasped hands and held them high in the air.  If there was any doubt about Diana’s continued ability to command a crowd, this moment alone killed it.


On a personal note, I’ve seen Diana Ross live in concert five times now.  Each has been a special and unique experience; each carries specific memories and came during a different chapter in my own life.  But in the interest of being as impartial and objective as possible — which I’ve always strived to be here on The Diana Ross Project — this truly was one of the best live shows I’ve ever seen.  Diana Ross is in a very good place; this is obvious from the way she carried herself and performed her hits.  She’s also in a very good place vocally; every single moment of the show was live, and she didn’t hit a false note once.  My partner called the show a “life-changing experience” — and this is from someone who’s merely been a casual fan for years.  For someone who’s spent a lifetime listening to (and nearly two years studying) her entire recording output?  Well, let’s just say The Diana Ross Project seems more relevant to me than ever before.


1. I’m Coming Out

2. More Today Than Yesterday

3. My World Is Empty Without You

4. Baby Love

5. Stop! In The Name Of Love

6. You Can’t Hurry Love

7. Touch Me In The Morning

8. Love Child

9. The Boss

10. Upside Down

11. Love Hangover

12. Take Me Higher

13. Ease On Down The Road

14. The Look Of Love

15. Don’t Explain

16. Why Do Fools Fall In Love

17. Theme From Mahogany

18. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

19. I Will Survive

20. Reach Out And Touch (Somebody’s Hand)


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36 Responses to Hot & Sassy: Diana Ross In Atlanta (9/7/2013)

  1. Paul– I am pleased you had such a wonderful and unique experience. You must attend more shows before Diana retires from performing. Five is admirable but you deserve more for the good work you do assessing Diana’s discography. I don’t know if this tour is still considered the More Than Yesterday tour but the set list is almost the same as the two shows I saw in 2010 and 2011. (I missed this summer’s NJ show because I was in Fort Lauderdale but then I missed the Fort Lauderdale show because I was in Orlando. Then I missed the Orlando show because I was back in Fort Lauderdale! What rotten luck!) The performances in 2010 and, especially, 2011, showed a huge vocal improvement over her 2000s shows, of which I saw “Divas Live”, “Return to Love” and, least successfully, “Divas With Heart” in 2008 in which she (surprisingly) shared a bill (but not a stage) with Gladys Knight, Chaka Khan and button pusher Patti Labelle. I think it is interesting she has found such contentedness with this set list for over three years. The big differences from her 90s-00s lists are the new prominence of “The Boss” and the aching and melting turns on “Don’t Explain”. Neither of these songs were sung in any show I saw between 1989-2008. I find it fascinating how some songs disappear and reappear. “Chain Reaction”, gone–thank you! “Missing You”–semi-retirement. Supremes songs–taken more seriously and attention given to previously the seldom sung “My World is Empty”.

    Diana continues to be an evolving artist even without new music. I can’t wait to see what her next phase will be. A focus on her Broadway music? A reconsideration of the RCA albums? A special concert performing “Workin’ Overtime” in its entirety, ha ha? Who knows? But as she said on the Soul Train awards as she burst out with “Take Me Higher”, it ain’t over yet!

    • Damecia says:

      Wow Peter, your commentary is great! I enjoy reading it. I’m also glad that sh’es slowed down the tempo on the Supremes songs and stopped rushing through them as well, after all they weren’t #1 hits for no reason.

      • Paul says:

        I agree — I hated when she rushed through the Supremes numbers as though she only felt obligated to do them. She put a lot of feeling into them during this show, and really brought an energy and enthusiasm to the early hits that made them shine.

    • davidh says:

      could u write a review of RETURN TO LOVE show. I didn’t get to go as it was cancelled as I was driving to the show

      • Well, RTL was a long time ago already. However, I think the most remarkable aspects of the show were the full length versions of all of the Supremes #1s and hits, seeing Diana sing with Sherrie and Lynda, seeing Sherrie and Lynda sing their solos (It was impossible to not feel happy for them. They must have been so proud to be performing in Madison Square Garden!), seeing Diana try to make Luther Vandross duet with him on a song he clearly didn’t know (Best Years) and hearing Diana sing Reach Out/I’ll Be There for the first time in 30 years. Otherwise, I don’t know how I would critique this show. Diana sounded quite good but not stellar on the Supremes song. At this time she was still using old arrangements that were too high for her voice. It was really only Reach Out that knocked me out!

      • Paul says:

        Peter — nice quick summary of RTL — someday I’ll sit down and write out the thoughts about the show I saw, which was in South Florida. It was an amazing tour — hearing Diana do songs like “Forever Came Today” and “Love Is Here…” was incredible. I agree that in trying to retain the original keys, Diana strained a lot vocally on this tour — but she still sounded pretty good. And Lynda and Scherrie were wonderful — their solos were highlights of the night!

      • Paul says:

        David, what a terrible thing to happen — as you were driving, no less! Someday I’ll write up something about Return To Love — it was a very memorable night for me. Lynda and Scherrie were beautiful additions to the show, and Diana performed some very rare numbers (like “Forever Came Today” among others). She definitely seemed to enjoy herself the night I saw her, and the crowd loved it.

      • Damecia says:

        Yes – that sucked that she rushed through at times. Obligated is the right word. It’s kinda how The Supremes rushed through their melody of hits on their final performance as Diana Ross & The Supremes on the Ed Sulllivan show back in 69. I love how she revamped certain songs for Central Park, that was cool.

  2. davidh says:

    I have seen her about 5 times as well and loved every show, for different reasons, depending on songs and what was happening.
    my first show was the WORKIN OVERTIME tour and the songs seemed to work better in a live setting than the lp. she was spot on with every song and the tour seemed high energy ,mostly because the songs were upbeat.
    the second time I saw her was THE FORCE BEHIND…tour was was lovely. those songs seem to fit Diana really well and had most of the audience singing along with her to WAITING IN THE WINGS. she was also perfect that night. the TAKE ME HIGHER TOUR was great with her performing most of the hits from the lp , a highlight was I THOUGHT WE WERE STILL IN LOVE.she was perfect!
    more recently, I saw her in Atlantic city about 2 years ago with the show described much as you stated above but a bit longer,. she did a few more Supremes songs such as COME SEE ABOUT ME, YOU KEEP ME HANGIN ON, and REFLECTIONS.
    I think she also did more songs from ILY cd and one p;d favorite, IT S HARD FOR ME TO SAY. which was encredible and she got a standing ovation. my surprise was that the entire audience knew the song, which was a surprise since the parent lp wasn’t a big hit . but I always thought that that song and Summertime were highlights from that lp.
    I was supposed to go to RETURN TO LOVE but while I was driving to the show , the radio announced the show was cancelled. I was devastated. I had never saw the supremes perform and this was going to be my first supremes show .
    like to hear your memories of your RETURN TO LOVE event
    thanks for your review and great made me rediscover Diana all over again

    • Your thoughts and experiences are very similar to mine. I also began my Ross concert journey with Workin’ Overtime. It remains a special album to me and I remain among a small minority of fans of this album. The FBTP tour was more elegant, due to the adult contemporary sound of that album. I liked it at the time but today I don’t have much affection for this album, although I admire Diana’s vocals on When You Tell Me. After Divas Live and Return to Love I don’t think I saw her live again until that absurd quadruple bill Divas With Heart in 2008 because I was on vacation during ILY’s NYC show. (If you’re interested in diva roundups, here’s my takeaway of Divas With Heart: Chaka was amateurish; Diana floundered in 3rd place; Patti annoyed everyone except the big Patti fans but gets 2nd place; Gladys owned the (K)night! She opened the show and was superb. OK, no more talk from me about other singers!)

      What a shame about RTL. The NYC show was the last one. I was so disappointed for the ladies and the fans. A reunion with Mary and Cindy would have been wonderful but I think seeing Diana perform with Sherrie and Lynda was also great. I had never heard if Diana had ever even met them so I enjoyed seeing them interact. They seemed thrilled to be sharing the stage with the greatest Supreme of them all and I am glad that they walked away with the money. I believe diana made sure they were taken care of. It was a great concert. After RTL I would not hear her sing well again for a decade!

      • Damecia says:

        Love your insight here Peter especially about the Divas With A Heart Tour. Somehow this managed to escape me! lol

      • Paul says:

        The “Divas With A Heart” was a strange bill for Diana to do — it’s so rare that she ever appears with other female artists, especially ones like Patti and Gladys with whom she has a bit of a rocky history. I’m sure seeing them all in one night was memorable, but I had a bad feeling that Diana would probably skate through it rather than really dig into her vocals that night. Of any of those ladies, I’d have most wanted to see Gladys, so glad to hear you say she was in top form. I recently met Ms. Knight for the first time and must say, she was absolutely lovely and warm in person.

  3. Billy "Ross" says:

    I so aptly agree with EVERTHING stated in this review for I just saw the ONE AND ONLY ORIGINAL DIVA in concert last night(Sept.13)at our grand Opera Hall in Dallas.Using adjectives such as BREATHTAKING,AGELESS,EXQUISITE ,AND MAGICAL would STILL not be enough to describe this show and the crowd’s reaction to last nights’ performance!!!!.Oh,and yes,please let us not FORGET THE VOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Whatever she has done in the last few years to make this instrument EVEN BETTER is INDECRIBALE.!!!!!She,was simply,mindblowing.!!!!!!!This was a Benefit for a Local Food Pantry so the Dallas Society Elite were out in force along with a Rainbow assortment of young,old,in-between,straight,Black,White,and of course,a LARGE representation of the gay community.We did not honestly know what to expect from this diverse crowd,but NEVER underestimate the power that is Miss Ross.They went wild with adoration and unbridled love for her that made me so proud and happy that I love this woman named Diana Ross.Two Encores later with the crowd cheering and stomping wildly was proof that She STILL REIGNS SUPREME at the Flawless age of 69 years YOUNG.If you have NOT had the chance to see this Tour,This LEGEND…..RUN RUN RUN,not walk,to the nearest ticket source and purchase your ticket.She is doing something right and I’m so glad that I’ve been a part of history and will continue to love this LADY WITH UNYIELDING LOYALTY as long as God’s grants me breath in this body.YOU ARE SIMPLY INCOMPARABLE MISS ROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you for a Night to Remember and a Concert to add to my treasured memories for over 50+ years.LOVE YOU LADY ROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • paul says:

      Billy — sounds like an AMAZING show! I do love that Diana draws such a diverse crowd — there were all kinds of people attending the Atlanta show, and for the night, EVERYONE gets along beautifully because we are all there for the same reason! And you are right — she’s been doing SOMETHING behind the scenes to strengthen that voice, and it sounds amazing!!!

      • Damecia says:

        I love the camaraderie and easiness that only a concert can bring out in people. When they talk about people uniting that’s the idea the speak of.

      • Paul says:

        Damecia — absolutely! There is really a power to music and live performance, especially with someone like Diana running the show!

  4. Damecia says:

    I was there and Paul I have to say your review is an accurate portrayal. I’ve seen Miss Ross 3 times now. Twice at Chastain and once at Universal Studios. I went crazy when Ross said “We’re getting hot and sassy up here,” lol I probably said this phrase all weekend. My mother and little sister who I brought along because I knew this was be an unexpected moment that they will always treasure. My mom kept commenting on how surprised she was that Miss Ross “sounded sooo good.” My reply was “Never underestimate Miss Ross!” LOL. Paul you’re absolutely right when the encore happenedd everybody was excited. I was so excited I jumped up into the seats in the next row lol. This was truly a great show that showcased all of the charisma, personality, professionalism and energy that made people fall in love with Diana Ross in 1964.

    • It sounds like you had a beautiful experience. Diana’s concerts always elicit a lot of goodwill among fans. One of my four Take Me Higher concerts was in Westbury, Long Island. The concert hall was not close to the train station at all. My friend and I had no trouble at all finding other NYC guys to share a cab with. If you know anything about NYC guys, sharing anything–even an idea (maybe least of all an idea)–is not something they are generally interested in. I enjoy reading everyone’s personal connections to Diana’s music and concerts. Let’s hope she keeps it up for a long time.

    • Paul says:

      I can’t believe you were there and we didn’t meet!!!! Next time e-mail me so we can trade numbers and say hi in person! I’m glad you agree with my write-up — she really did sound amazing, didn’t she? Her voice was as warm and strong as it’s been in years — I was really surprised at some of the notes she nailed. Love that your mom and sister enjoyed the show, too!!! Chastain is a cool venue — I enjoyed drinking my margarita while watching Miss Ross!

      • Damecia says:

        I know right! I don’t know what I was thinking I should’ve told you I was going to be there. Silly wasn’t I? LOL (Anybody see the Valerie Simpson reference here. She was absolutely stunning. Chastain is a cool venue and the weather was hot and sassy, but no unbearable lol.

  5. tyrone says:

    Hey Paul, I was there as well as your review is spot on. I’ve seen this show five times now and it continues to get better each time I see it. Also, enjoy seeing you in the mornings in the ATL.

    • Paul says:

      Hey Tyrone — it was an amazing night, huh? I still can’t get over how great she sounded. Her voice has aged so incredibly well, and I have to think she’s been working on it during the course of this tour. At a point when many of her colleagues really can’t duplicate the sound of their original recordings anymore, Diana Ross really can. Also — thanks for the comment about my “dayjob” — glad you’re watching!

      • I don’t remember Forever Came Today at the New York show and I think I would because it’s one of my favorites. Divas With Heart was a one night charity show at Radio City Music Hall for breast cancer. It started out normal enough with Gladys’s polished performance but it got quite odd from there. I don’t know how they got Diana. She does not like singing with other women unless it’s herself in costume.

      • Paul says:

        Pete — “Forever Came Today” was such a great addition at her South Florida stop — I was thrilled to hear it. And LOL at your “herself in costume” comment!

  6. That’s an interesting observation about Diana not liking to sing with other women. For sure the majority of her recorded duets are all with men (I’m hard pushed to think if she’s ever recorded a female studio duet off the top of my head??). Her mid 80s stage appearance with Dionne and Gladys performing ‘That’s What Friends Are For’ is a good example of how she deals with female contemporaries on stage. Basically orchestrating proceedings and barely singing a note.

    One interpretation could be she’s intimidated by these strong women and is generously allowing them to take the stage and display their incredible voices. Another is she wants to distance herself and clearly appear as star of the show by addressing the audience continually, talking over their performances and avoiding any negative comparisons by never actually singing a line. Just a thought!

    That said, her ‘Oprah’ appearance with Brandy years later gives an entirely different impression. She seems really comfortable and enjoying trading lines with the young singer. (Though I’m not sure what parts are live and what’s lip-synced?).

    The rapport seems real – understandable I guess as the pair must have spent months in each other’s company filming ‘Double Platinum’. Maybe it’s that Diana transitioned from her 80s ‘Imperial’ phase into her 90s maternal one!

    • Paul says:

      …and then, of course, there could be something subconscious going on with Diana when it comes to singing with other women. She started her career singing with them, after all, and we know that while it was an incredible successful phase, it wasn’t a particularly happy one for her, nor did it end well! I believe I’ve read rumors that “It’s Raining Men” was originally conceived as a trio of Diana, Donna, and Barbra — wouldn’t THAT have been something??

      • I’ve heard those ‘Raining Men’ rumours over the years too and wondered what truth there was in them. Cher is another name often thrown into the mix as well. I think they all stem from the fact that one of the song’s writers – Paul Jabara – wrote hits for all those ladies at some point in late 70s/early 80s (‘Work That Body’ for Diana). In fact Diana actually even cowrote a song with Jabara called ‘Ladies Hot Line’ that was performed by the Weather Girls on the same album (‘Paul Jabara & Friends’) that debuted ‘It’s Raining Men’.

        However recently I read an interview with the song’s other writer Bob Esty who confirmed that the song was originally intended for Donna Summer (who apparently passed on it because she didn’t feel the lyrics sat well with her new born again Christian lifestyle) then it went straight to the Weather Girls. There you go.

  7. I enjoyed re-watching the That’s What Friends Are For clip. Yes, Diana was very regal here. Randy T claimed she was trying to compete with Jacqueline Onassis during this time. Make of that what you will but she did the Big 80s as splashy as everyone. Diana’s hair is enormous here. The dress is a more restrained and expensive looking version of the puffy salmon colored WO tour one that pulled away to harem pants. She was hosting here and that’s a lot to do. There’s no way she could’ve sung effectively. Also, these show enders with everyone on stage singing never turn out well. Diana learned that no later than March 1983–Motown 25! She was smart to just sort of walk around. (Note–It’s interesting to hear Diana call out for Madonna.) She did the same thing in 1993 at the Apollo Theater when she hilariously paced nervously avoiding singing with the dull, repetitive production of Let the Good Times Roll. She even attempted to give away her microphone and appeared to be saying good bye to Eric Clapton. Do they still have these endings on these shows? I can’t think of any. She did not reappear for the encore at Divas With Heart. Also remember that she did not solo, unless it was edited out, during the gospel improv at Oprah’s lunch. As for the Brandy clip, by that time it was beneficial for her to be with a younger star to reach a new audience. And there was no competition considering the generation gap. And the talent gap. (Sorry Brandy.)

    • Hi Peter. I never heard about the ‘Good Times Roll’ performance – will have to have a youtube hunt! Didn’t know about the Divas With Heart encore no-show either, but it totally makes sense. Think you may be being a little generous though in your appraisal of her ‘Friends’ performance – I’m sure she could have juggled hosting and singing if she wanted too! Maybe got Dionne and Gladys on stage together straight away rather than repeatedly interrupting the song… it’s a shame cause she’s obviously more than capable and it would be nice to have had more of these rare one-offs collaborations .

      • No hunt necessary. Just put in “Apollo Theater Hall of Fame 1993” and it’ll come up. Enjoy. Or not. It’s 14 minutes of dull, repetitive blues improvisation. Not my thing. Back to Friends, that was Dionne and Gladys’s song. Diana may not wanted to impose. She doesn’t like it when others sing her songs. At any rate, I don’t think it was about keeping up vocally. Neither Dionne nor Gladys lets loose with the vocal hysterics on this one. It’s a Burt Bacharach song after all. She probably would’ve sung if someone had made a good case for it and there had been rehearsal time. Diana is not a big spontaneous singer. She’s show bizzy and super prepared. (Similarly, Lucille Ball was a comic genius but she was not someone who would get out and start cracking jokes or spouting bons mots.) But yeah, it would be great to have one instance of Diana singing with her female peers.

  8. theqhblend says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed the show, I knew she’d be good. I’ve missed a few shows, outside of my amazing experience seeing Swing Out Sister in Little Five in July. However, I plan to see Janelle Monae is November. I’m glad Diana is still doing it, it is why we love her so much! I’ve seen the screens from the intro, the montage is great and all inclusive, something that for an artist of her stature I’d expect nothing less from. Great entry, as always!-QH

  9. e.Ross says:

    Paul, i ran into ur site quite by accident looking up remixes thru google. I read the review of Diana Xtended. Then i saw u wrote about the ATL show this year..YES, i was there! MY 8th time seeing LadyRoss. I was there w/ my sister and my nieces. My younger niece is not familiar w/Ross outside of knowing her uncle is a FANatic. She made a comment she listen to some songs to get familiar w/ Diana and said i heard a song called I’mComingOut, that would be a cool song to come out with to open a show..little did she know-I didn’t tell her. PS Damecia-u dont know me but i see u in comments of geejay soundcloud for Ross remixes. Cool u and Paul were at this show this year. I will be going thru u other goodies of Ross Paul, Happy i found u.

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